This is why we all need a social media policy.

A Linfox Driver wrote on his Facebook (please excuse the language):

“I admire any creature that has the capacity to rip Nina and Assaf’s heads off, sh*% down their throats and then chew up and spit out their lifeless body”

He was referring to his Linfox managers.  He didn’t understand that his Facebook public settings were set at the highest levels – very public.   He was sacked but, the Fair Work Commission ordered that he be reinstated and reimbursed his lost wages.

Why? Because Linfox had no social media policy.  As the Fair Work Commissioner Roberts observed:

“…[i]n this current electronic age, [having no social media policy] is not sufficient… many large companies have published detailed social media policies and taken pains to acquaint their employees with those policies.  Linfox did not”

Do your business a favour – get a social media policy.