This is why we all need a social media policy.

A Linfox Driver wrote on his Facebook (please excuse the language): “I admire any creature that has the capacity to rip Nina and Assaf’s heads off, sh*% down their throats and then chew up and spit out their lifeless body” He was referring to his Linfox managers.  He...

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Why you need to register a trade mark.

Example of the need for a trademark A business who trades under a name and logo but does not register that as a trade mark may be required to stop using that name and log if another registers it. Trademarking not only protects your intellectual property but it...

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GST and the sale of new property

From 1 July 2018, purchasers of new residential premises or potential residential land are required to withhold an amount of the contract price and pay this directly to the ATO as part of the settlement process. The amount of GST will not change.  However, care will...

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